Toak Projects

The Premier Luxury Home Builders In Melbourne

The Premier Luxury Home Builders In Melbourne

Building Success with Passion and Collaboration

The Toak Projects Difference

Quality workmanship, excellent customer service, cutting edge technology, agile construction, and methodical management and cost control configure in every build that Toak Projects takes on. We examine our projects from all angles to craft solutions that are smartly tailored to your envisioned dream home. Leaving no room for compromise, we ensure luxurious and stunning builds each and every time.

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Toak Projects work across all inner Melbourne, however are well known in the inner north and inner north East.
This focus on the North and North East ensures that all projects receive the daily attention from the not only the Directors but local trades and suppliers
Duplex, High-end finishes, Contemporary design, Industrial feel,
Duplex, High-end finishes, Contemporary design, Industrial feel,
Duplex, High-end finishes, Contemporary design, Industrial feel,

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Primed to become one of the leading luxury custom home builders in Melbourne, we specialise in Multi Residential Construction, Boutique Custom Homes, Duplex Development, Knockdown and Rebuild, Design and Build, Commercial Fit Off, Renovation, Extension, and Basement Construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Got questions for Toaks Projects? We’d be more than happy to accommodate.

A: Toak Projects specialises in Multi-Residential Construction, Boutique Custom Homes, Duplex Development, Knockdown and Rebuild, Design and Build, Commercial Fitout, Renovation, Extension, and Basement Construction.
A: Toak Projects ensures top tier quality builds through a systematic three-stage processPre Construction A phase defined by consistent monitoring and client interaction, being immersed in the stage means being on top of things. Toak Projects keeps an eye on budgets to ensure the lowest and most competitive costs, stays on top of schedules for timely delivery, and works closely with the design team to lay out a design that will solidify the clients’ visions and even enrich them. ConstructionThroughout the construction proper, Toak Projects works only with trusted and reliable subcontractors. They are kept accountable and responsive during the entire build. From sequence to production and quality control, Toak Projects never loses sight of the goal. Wrapping up the project, Toak Projects implements efficient and systematic site cleanup, systems training, final inspections, and move-in coordination. After completion, Toak Projects will conduct a final walkthrough to ensure holistic and uncompromised satisfaction.
Toak Projects understands that unexpected issues and changes can arise during a building project. Toak Projects has developed a structured approach to handling these situations, ensuring problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.Firstly, Toak Projects assigns a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire project from start to finish. This ensures that there is one point of contact for any issues or changes, and that communication is streamlined and efficient.If an unexpected issue arises, the project manager will immediately assess the situation and determine the best course of action. This may involve bringing in additional specialists or tradespeople, or sourcing new materials to ensure the project stays on track.Throughout the project, Toak Projects also conducts regular quality control checks to ensure that the highest standards are being maintained. This includes conducting inspections at critical stages of the build and carrying out a final inspection before handover to the client.
Toak Projects offers custom designs that fuse innovation and functionality, answering the needs of occupants regardless of family size, lifestyle, and preference. While all their builds are affluent in aesthetic and quality, Toak Projects makes sure that all their clients’ requirements are fulfilled within budget.
You can reach out to us by lodging an enquiry through this website. You can also make a personal visit at Factory 5/17 – 21 Reserve St, Preston VIC 3072 or make a call through 0432 456 445.
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